French artist Lirone was born in 1964. Driven by his passion for art, Lirone's interest in photography developed as a teenager.It was in this field that his artistic career began,propelled by his search for new and innovative photography techniques.
His work of the early 90s was characterized by a particular interest in children’s portraiture. Towards the end of the decade,...his focus was turned to the world of industrial photography, while incorporating influences from the automotive industry and the worlds of fashion and jewelry. Lirone is the innovator behind a unique and revolutionary photography technique that combines the aesthetics of painting and sculpture with an original photograph. This “Technique of Visualization” relies on a creative manufacturing procedure that allows for the production of an image in three dimensions. The method, whose concept has been determined to be completely unique in its execution, has been patented by the INPI since August 2006. Lirone's highly acclaimed innovative 3D art visualizations has awarded him opportunities to work with companies such as Mercedes, Peugeot, Perrier, Nestle, Saint Gucci, etc. Today referred to as the “plastic surgeon of photography”, Lirone’s fresh, modern techniques, as seen in his body of work, continue to dazzle audiences.