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Clem$ (Original) Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas 120x120 cm | 47x47 in

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About Clem$

Clem$ is a modern pop artist, born in 1974. Self-taught, his talents for drawing and caricatures started very early. But pushed by fate, he forsakes his pencils for years. He then followed an unconventional journey in electronic music before returning to his childhood passion and devoting himself entirely to his work. Inspired and fascinated by Pop art, Street art, “Gansta” culture, and iconic artists like Andy Warhol, CLEM$ now paints frantically. He deconstructs images of contemporary culture using urban influence and his own personal twist. He is obsessed with the famous figures from modern society that he reconstructs to fit his contemporary view. His works never whisper, they shout. Clem$ art is on display in Miami, London, New York, and Paris.


Original mixed media painting