Marilyn 1 Cans

by Gumm


3D Wall Sculpture

140x95x10 cm | 55x37x3 in

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Gumm was born in 1969 in his hometown, just a few kilometers from Venice, where he still lives today. He remembers feeling connected to art since childhood, where he recalls drawings and collecting used objects to experiment with. Gumm spent a lot of his free time curating and duplicating things that he considered to be interesting, appealing, or aesthetic. When it came to art, he was a maniac ... concerning every single detail. It wasn’t until he reached his twenties that he entered his definitive years as an artist. His passion for photography began at the age of 20, and at the age of 25, Gumm decided to set up his first solo exhibition as a result of his fascination with the Venice Art Biennale. Drawing constant inspiration from the photorealism of Ralph Goings, John Chamberlain’s sculptures and Andy Warhol pop art, he realized that one day he wanted to draw on aspects from each of the artists he admired to create his very own creative world.

Life took him in different directions, but his dream of becoming an artist was still there at the back of his mind. In 2015 on a typically Italian foggy day, Gumm found himself walking through the Venetian Industrial area. He was mesmerized with an old smashed can. There was something in the way that the colors faded and the metal folded that fascinated him. He took the can home, and weeks later, his magnificent adventure began.

He started building his collection of cans from all over the world, and his luck struck gold when he discovered the Andy Warhol special series. From that moment on, his realization of his dream was becoming true…

GUMM’s artworks are now exhibited exclusively in Eden Fine Art galleries across the globe.